Our Story
How We Met

He said: It was a Saturday in September and I had to be up around 3:30am for work. When I got home around noon, my friends were hanging out so I joined them. Later that night, we went to Nicole's birthday party where Jenessa and I met playing some games. After a few rounds, we peeled off on our own and talked. It was just me and her. It had to be past midnight when I decided to head home and go to bed. The next morning Brett and Alex couldn't believe that I took off so early since Jenessa and I were hitting it off so well. Turns out my early morning caught up with me and I went home around 8! We picked up right where we left off a few weeks later. We bonded over a great fantasy football performance by Matt Ryan versus the Tampa Bay Bucs and joked about what color teal actually is. To this day, her picture in my phone is a teal color block.

She said: We met at Nicole's Birthday party in September of 2014. Alex, who was recently dating Brett, invited all of Brett's friends to the party as well. During a game of flip cup, Connor and I met teeing off against each other with me beating him every time. I thought he was cute and we started talking away from the game in action. Mid conversation, Connor abruptly left and went home. Everyone thought I scared him away! A few weeks later, we exchanged numbers at a Patriots vs. Falcons football game at our favorite local bar, Stats (I'm pretty sure this was Alex's birthday weekend too) and started seeing each other ever since.

Shockingly, the photo below is the first photo we have of us together. We are celebrating Saint Patrick's Day 7 months after we met.

How we fell in love

He said: Jenessa and I hit it off right away. Every time we got together we had so much fun. The more we hung out, the more I was sure she was the one. We can sit home and play Rummy on a Saturday night and have just as much fun as if I were showing her off at my company Christmas ball. Jenessa is the most driven person I have ever met and she helps motivate me to be the same. I try my best to make her smile and take a break every once in a while.

She said: Connor was a cute and funny but to be honest I wasn't convinced I wanted to date him at first. However, he wore me down with jokes and ultimately an extremely delicious spinach salad and steak. He really knew me and accepted me for my own quirks. One could say, we bonded over our mutual weirdness and love of playing games. He just makes me happy and that is all.

How he proposed

He said: I had been wanting to propose for a while and was waiting for the perfect opportunity. I have never been much of a planner, so after trying to plot the perfect proposal for a while, I couldn't wait any longer to start our life together. Jenessa and her friends had plans to go to the Southie Street parade. I told them that they should all go together to keep the ladies tradition going. As soon as they left, I packed an overnight bag for me and her and drove down to the hotel on the harbor. I checked in an dropped our bags off and headed back home to meet them at Lawn on D. Now all i had to do was find a reason to get back to the harbor. I texted Jenessa that I had made us sushi reservations for 5 o'clock, which would normally be ok, but they were serving oysters at Lawn on D and it was about 3 o'clock. Luckily, Jenessa was so happy that I planned a dinner that she agreed. I grabbed the ring, and hid it in my raincoat pocket. We had some fun with our friends and when 4:30 rolled around, I had to rush us out of there to get to our fake reservation. We walked over and when we got there I told Jenessa that we should sit and look at the water for a little bit. I told her that there is no reservation, but that I want to spend the rest of my life with her, have a family, see the world and I love her. She said yes!

She said: 3 years later during that Alex's Birthday weekend, he proposed. (I always knew Alex's birthday was one of my favorite holidays). It started out like any other sunny Saturday in Southie - Full of activities! Ali and I woke up and got delicious bagel donuts and were planning to go to the South Boston Festival and get dollar oysters at lawn on D in the afternoon. At last minute, Connor backed out and refused to go. Apparently, he had to "get organized". While at the fair, Connor had texted me to see if I wanted to get sushi reservations for 5:00. Though thinking it was weird, since we were planning to meet up and get dollar oysters at 3:00, I still thought the planned date sounded fun! We met up to go to lawn on D and Connor was trying to convince us that it was going to rain. He packed an umbrella and a rain coat (he was hiding the ring her the entire time). 5:00 came and we walked down to Atlantic Warf, he pulled me over to a bench confessing that there were no dinner reservations but that he did want to spend the rest of his life with me. He got down on one knee and proposed. I obviously said yes!

The Wedding

Sunday, July 22, 2018
2:30 PM
St. Timothy Catholic Church
650 Nichols Steet, Norwood, MA 02062, USA
Grand View
6 Nipmuc Drive, Mendon, MA 01756, USA

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We recommend going 495 South. These directions are best.

Wedding Party

Ashley Rossi - Maid of Honor
Ashley has known Jenessa for 26 years. They met in 1991; when Ashley, the bride's sister, was born. In their youth, Ashley and Jenessa were quite the opposites. Loud vs. Quiet, Rebel vs. Rule Follower and hence they were always fighting, stealing each other's clothes and making each other crazy. They were able to find mutual ground while dressing their brothers up in old dance recital costumes which made for the best fashion shows (until Dad came home) and building neighborhoods for their beanie babies with VHS tapes. As they grew older, Jenessa grew a little more rebellious and Ashley started to follow some rules (sort of) and their relationship matured. Jenessa's apartment in Southie became Ashley's hideaway while living at home. Jenessa is extremely excited to have her sister as her maid of honor. Where they started Where they are now
Alissa Desantis - Bridesmaid

Alissa was less than 1 month old when she met her best friend. She and Jenessa were introduced to each other on May 2, 1989 in the maternity unit of Norwood Hospital, only a few hours after she was born. Their mothers had been friends since elementary school and their grandmothers had been friends since they grew up together in Italy. Needless to say, their friendship is unlike any other. Growing up, Jenessa and Alissa did absolutely everything together. They also shared the same pediatrician for all 18 years of our childhood. If Jenessa took dance lessons, Alissa took dance lessons. If Alissa played soccer, Jenessa played soccer. In elementary school, Jenessa's mom was listed as her emergency contact. Jenessa's family felt like a part of her family and could get through anything together. Even after Jenessa punched Alissa in the back of Mr. Curtin's car, they remained life friends to the point where Jenessa predicted Alissa's life through doodle images on notebook paper. Whether they were doing homework or playing sports, graduating from college or vacationing down the Cape, celebrating birthdays or going to family parties… they did all of it together. Jenessa and Alissa have been best friends since day 1 and they can't imagine a life without each other!

Where they started

Where they are now

Ali Giandomenico - Bridesmaid

Ali has known Jenessa for 22 years – they first met in their first grade class. In third grade, Ali asked if Jenessa could play with her during recess, and ever since then, they have been best friends. For all these years, Jenessa and Ali have been each other's go-to person. When they were younger, they dressed up and put on plays, made up dances for talent shows, and wrote a story together. They became roommates when they moved into Southie in 2013. Ali and Jenessa were always ready to go explore Boston, finding fun (and free) things to do and see all over the city. Or stay in and play games or watch funny (and weird) rom-coms. They've kept up some old traditions, like the third of July, and made some new ones, like our St. Patrick's day boozy brunch, and a special Christmas advent calendar. Ali says "She is so happy for Jenessa and Connor! She found a guy who passes the "front porch test" with flying colors. I can't wait to celebrate on the big day!"

Where they started

Where they are now

Alex Hunter - Bridesmaid

Alex has known Jenessa since they quivered in fear together in Mrs. Woolner's first grade classroom. Jenessa and Alex have shared countless memories together including attending their first concert (Backstreet Boys ) together and inventing our own dances in Alex's basement. Throughout middle school and high school, even though they did not attend the same schools, they kept in touch weekly while attending dance classes at Cindy's Studio of Dance. As they grew older and wiser, Jenessa and Alex's friendship continued to blossom all through college . After college graduation, Alex and Jenessa would reek havoc through the bars in South Boston until one September night at Alex's (and Nicole and Sara's) apartment, Jenessa met her soul mate Connor. Connor was best friends with Alex's new boyfriend Brett. Since this magical night, Alex, Brett, Jenessa, and Connor have been inseparable, sharing countless date nights, attending Red Sox-Yankees games, and even all living together. Jenessa and Alex have taken a love for their weekly track Sunday workouts. Now, they can thank Mrs. Woolner for 22 wonderful years of friendship!

Where they started

Where they are now

Jaimie Curtin - Bridesmaid

Jaimie met Jenessa 21 years ago at Fisher Elementary School in Mrs. Fredette's second grade class. Jenessa was skeptical of her at first but eventually accepted the fact that they were going to be friends! They played on the same soccer team and were founding members and members of the very first graduating class at Cindy's Studio of Dance. They were always dancing, laughing and sharing firsts such as starting middle school and high school, and even Jaimie's very first (and only) assault and battery case (yes; Jenessa used to hit her with a ruler to "help" her attain a flat back). Outside of school and extracurricular activities, Jenessa and Jaimie had a lot of fun throughout their years of friendship. Some of her favorite memories include driver's ed, Nantucket and Canada, Northeastern parties, NYE, mystery adventures, and Southie. Beginning with play dress up photoshoots at Jaimie's house to actually getting dressed up and taking good shots for the instagram, Jaimie never failed to capture the memories.

Where they started

Where they are now

Sara Romaine - Bridesmaid

Jenessa and Sara grew up together in the splendid little town of Walpole, and have known one another for 20 years. The two kiddos wandered the same Fisher School and Johnson Middle halls, played in the same recess circles, shared friends, youth league sports, and a brief moment of Girl Scout crafting. While they were friendly as children, the cementing of a lifelong friendship began Freshman year of High School when they realized a mutual dislike of field hockey and love of dance. Something you might know, the bride-to-be is known for committing to what she loves (Wink*Wink* Connor). For this reason, Jenessa left the world of Walpole sports, pursued the beginning of the Walpole High School Dance Team, and encouraged Sara to do the same. The time spent dancing together created a bond that would lead to many adventures. Between the bonfires, backyard camping, beach nights, girl's days, college nights, dancing at clubs, game times and generally wacky discussions about favorite weather patterns, Sara and Jenessa were lucky enough to share a lifetime of countless moments with a group of girls that make friends family. After years of ups, downs, in between's- it's pretty clear this is a forever friendship, and Sara couldn't possibly be happier to stand by her best friend as she marries the man of her dreams.

Where they started

Where they are now

Nicole Paschal - Bridesmaid

Nicole has known the bride for 17 years. They met in middle school when they sat together at the peanut free table during lunch. Since then, their friendship blossomed. Nicole and Jenessa shared many memories including skating and boating on the pond, 3rd of July parties at the Giandos, and countless stats brunch (miss the free mimosas so hard!). Whether it's margs at jalapeños, tears at quinnipiac, house parties in providence, beaching in Fort Lauderdale, killing the nature game in Vermont, life guard parties on the Cape, breakfast at the sketchy Brighton place, games on M Street beach or trying every restaurant in Southie, Nicole's memories with the bride-to-be have been top notch!

Where they started

Where they are now

Laura O'Connor - Bridesmaid

Laura has known Jenessa for the past ten years since they were 18 but we technically crossed paths long before. Laura and Jenessa grew up a stone's throw away in the neighboring towns of Norwood and Walpole. When they were toddlers, they attended Walpole Dance together, a revelation made some 14+ years later by Jenessa's mom. They cemented their friend ship when met freshman year at Providence College. Laura walked into her dorm and was introduced by one of her new roommates to a very petite and tan Jenessa. We instantly bonded over the proximity of our hometowns and even mutual friends! They shared countless fond memories of Jenessa their young adulthood. One of Laura’s favorites includes exploring California together, good food and jogs along the beach. Laura and Jenessa always got crafty when it came to constructing fashion. Jenessa could work wonders with safety pins which helped us to dress up for Halloween. One year, Jenessa dressed up as the black swan and Laura was a ballerina (wearing one of her old dance costumes from the infamous costume bag). Laura’s always loved Jenessa's s witty jokes and lightheartedness. This has always allowed them to laugh about their awkward experiences and similar Catholic upbringings. Laura thinks of Jenessa as one of the sisters that she never had. She adopted Laura into her tight-knit group of girlfriends, The Herd, with whom she has formed so many new memories. Laura cannot wait for the next phase of our friendship as real adults and is beyond thrilled to celebrate her marriage to Connor!

Where they started

Where they are now

Billy Purdy - Best Man

In the fall of 1996, the cafeteria at James Wilson Young Middle School was a house divided, with the sixth grade lunch tables segregated between Blue Point, Sylvan and Academy Street Elementary Schools. At least it was like that until Bill, from Academy Street, and Connor, the most popular kid from Blue Point, took a risk and decided to sit together, thus uniting the 3 schools and sparking a lifelong friendship (20 years and counting) that continues to thrive, in spite of the distance between NYC and Boston. Bill taught Connor how to throw a curveball with his index finger up and introduced Connor to Pokemon (Jenessa, you can thank Bill for that), Con taught Bill about Seinfeld and the Simpsons, and together they presided over the middle school Spanish club as co-presidents. Innumerable bonding moments have occurred since that fateful day in the cafeteria, from cutting class to play golf, spending a sleepover playing a 24-hour plus Madden marathon, inventing many new sports (1 on 1 on 1 on 1…, CONtact, etc.) to the fateful hour long phone call when Con told Bill he purchased a ring and planned on proposing to Jenessa. Both are looking forward to many more incredible moments to come, starting with this wedding.

James Farrell - Groomsman

James is Con’s oldest brother, so they’ve shared a lot over the years. Early family vacations crammed in the way back of a station wagon driving to Vermont and Virginia, college cruises to the Caribbean, golf outings, trail runs in California, camping in Colorado, brother reunions in Barcelona, and just last year getting crammed into a mini-van to run 200 miles across the state of Oregon, so maybe not that much has changed. On one of these trips, sitting outside of a cabin in Yosemite, it became clear how much Con cared about Jenessa, and James has been fortunate enough to get to see firsthand how happy they make each other on many occasions since.

Ryan Farrell - Groomsman

Ryan is one of Con’s two older brothers. They are the two middle kids between James and Matty. When they were young, they got into lots of fights, as middle children do. Today, Ryan cannot remember a single cause of any one of those fights, but he can remember very vividly one specific casualty.

The year was 1993. The Mighty Ducks was everyone’s favorite movie and Ryan’s favorite new hockey team. Ryan was 11 and Connor was 8: two mere ducklings. A skirmish broke out over one stale piece of bread or another and suddenly Connor darted out of sight, up the stairs toward Ryan’s room. Ryan paused, thinking Connor was simply fleeing, afraid of his daunting older brother, a more cowardly fowl. But there was a certain flap to Connor’s wing: not fear, but purpose. He was not fleeing from Ryan, he was flying toward the thing Ryan loved the most: his Mighty Ducks hat.

By the time Ryan arrived, it was too late. Feathers were everywhere. There was Connor, sitting on the floor, panting and pleased, hat in hand, brim bent not in half, but in quarters, an extended W. That embroidered duck would never fly again.

But yesterday’s childhood skirmishes are today’s joy, pride and love in watching his brother build a life together with Jenessa. As Connor and Jenessa embark on the big “M” together, Ryan cannot wait to welcome Jenessa to the Farrell’s Flying V.

Matt Farrell - Groomsman

As the youngest of the four Farrell brothers, Matt had the great fortune of having the path to success paved for him, three shoulders wide. He also had the misfortune of years of beatings, three times over. He credits these years of losing to his older brothers in everything, from wiffleball, to hit-hit, to jeopardy, for the successes he had later in life, including; back-to-back little league championships (cementing himself atop the Farrell boys as best baseball player), multiple opportunities to compete in sports internationally, and attaining his actuarial certification. He is currently working in France as an actuary and can’t wait to be back stateside for the wedding!

Jake Zorski - Groomsman

Jake and Connor's friendship began 14 years ago back in 2004 at Boston College Cross-Country camp. It didn't take long for them to find out how much fun they have when they're around each other. Whether it's hanging out, socializing, watching sports, playing sports, going for runs or even cross-country drives, we were always having great times together. We certainly made a lot of great memories both in and out of college and especially when we lived in Santa Monica, California together for a year. One of the best parts about our friendship is that we always have each others backs and we're always there to help each other out in any aspect of our lives. It's been so great to see him continue to grow up into a better person each and every year and I am very excited to see him take on this next step in his life with the true love of his life Jenessa.

Brett Fiorovanti - Groomsman

Connor met Brett his freshman year of college at BC through the track team. They instantly had a connection, as Connor was from Long Island and Brett was from New Jersey; their love for the Yankees while living in Boston created an unbreakable bond. Not only did they eat, sleep and breathe track and Yankees, but they discovered their mutual love for golf and played Newton Commonwealth whenever they could. After college, Brett and Jake lived together in Boston and convinced Connor to move back to the city. They all moved into their make shift frat house on East Fifth where they played countless rounds of darts, drank a lot of beer and watched too many episodes of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. One Saturday night, Brett asked Connor to join him and attend his new friend (Alex) for her friend's (Nicole) birthday party; little did they know, this would be a night that changed Connor’s life forever. Connor was roaming Alex’s house looking for Brett, when he met a girl named Jenessa who was one of Alex’s best friends. They talked the rest of the night and he knew she was something special. From then on, Alex, Brett, Connor and Jenessa were rarely seen apart; they even all moved in together. Not much has changed with Brett and Connor; they both still love golf, still love the Yankees, still love Game of Thrones; and now they both love girls from Walpole! Brett is so excited for Connor and Jenessa!

AJ Rossi - Groomsman

AJ is the Bride's brother. He has known her for 25 years. He is excited that his sister has found someone as awesome as Connor. There is now another member of the family that can lose to Dad. AJ said "it was awkward hearing Connor ask Dad's permission on the golf course." However, he knew this tradition would make our parents and sister happy. After all, Jenessa always woke him up early Christmas morning to open the gifts from Santa. While Jenessa might make jokes about the restaurants AJ picks for family dinner, AJ is not joking about Jenessa's pick for her husband.

Matthew Rossi - Groomsman
Matthew is the Bride's youngest brother. He has known her for 22 years. Matthew overhead Connor's ask for permission on the golf course and finally realized why Connor was playing so bad that day! Connor may not have got a hole in one on the course but definitely got victory with his sister! After a few years of being tormented by Jenessa with playing dress up and being told to respect his elders, he's happy Jenessa found a man to lovingly torment.